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WM company was established in 1989. It employs up to twenty people. Plastics processing and metalworking is what we do.

Thanks to high qualifications of our employees and modern machine park we are able to launch series of the details with the highest geometrical and qualitative requirements. Our firm was asked many times to produce series, that other firms had technical problems with and fully satisfied its customers.

The technicians from DUPONT, HOECHST, and GEP have trained our employees several times. In the year 2004 our quality system was certified with the ISO 9001:2001 certificate.

We guarantee: short terms and professional approach, moderate prices, full service - from the project phase, production's launch to its end, after guarantee assistance during production outside WM.


Company's headquarters is placed in easily and quickly reachable area in downtown of Łódź. We invite from 8am till 5pm during week.

  PPUH WM s.c.
Plastics Processing, Tooling
  Plac Zwycięstwa 2
90-312 Łódź; Poland
  tel/fax: (0-42) 676-26-48
mobile: 0-602-24-43-29

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Quality, reliability and reliance - those are our motto in quality politics. We lead our action in open and honest way, offering products fully satisfying our customers with its highest quality, profitable price and terminal execution.

Such approach has helped us to proceed certification process of our activity prosperously and in the year 2004 we acquired ISO 9001-2001 certificates in scope of plastics processing

We desire to keep proper, elaborated image of the company, wishing that the name "WM" is associated with highest quality, expertness and professionalism.


We execute our quality politics through:

> Constant quality system perfecting, which is a forceful and efficient instrument in realizing business purposes for us.
> Constant, systematic bringing up of our products' quality, competitiveness and means of fabricating.
> Our customers' expectation and needs monitoring and constant product development.
> Constant staff's qualification rising with proper education and incentive systems.
> Technological and organizational elasticity.

Consolidating reliance for our firm and its products as for reliable business partner.

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Quality politics, ISO 9001:2001 certificates



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We produce parts made of any kind of plastics, in any quantity, using either our moulds, test moulds or moulds delivered by the customer.

Using modern machine park, based on computerized injection molding machines, we are ready to achieve the most demanding clients' orders. We do series of details on moulds created using sample model, drawing, draft or test-moulds. Manufacturing process is fully verified by ISO management system, which allows to obtain constant highest quality and time efficiency. We specialize in manufacturing small details of complex geometry, high quality and strict dimension requirements.

Moreover, we offer consultancy and advising in plastics and metalworking branch.


We own modern and developed injection room, based on computerized injection moulding machines of reputable brands.

We have at disposal clamping forces up to 150t and injection weight up to 300g. Fully computer-controlled machines, working in automatic continuous modes, equipped with many peripheral devices make the production process a lot faster and easier. On average we boost our injection processing capacity with a brand new machine every two years.


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Plastics processing by injection mouling



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We specialize in producing injection moulds for plastics, aluminium and ZnAl, as well as blanking and drawing tools.

We have great experience in producing injection moulds for details of small gabarits, complex structure and highest qualitative and dimensional demands. Our accuracy reaches 0,01mm.

Within our 17-years action we have designed and manufactured hundreds of injection moulds about most different structures: hot-channel moulds, unified moulds, multipunctual with many moving parts moulds, moulds with polished surfaces, irregular, 3-dimensional die partings and shapes prooving that we are fully able to meet highest customers' needs. Moreover we have also wide experience in producing blanking and drawing tools, renovating used machines' and moulds' elements.


We want to make the most of the possibilities, that come with nowadays technologies.

Investing in new modern devices, constantly developing our machine park, experimenting with new ways of processing help us to improve quality and speed ofmanufacturing. It also widens the range of operations we successfully perform, which are as follows:

Lathing , milling
Numeric milling, engravering
Coordinate drilling
Electro-erosion machining
Rolls and holes grinding
Surfaces grinding, polishing
Device renovation
Used parts renovation
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Injection moulds, blanking and drawing tools



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We are the best at producing so called "technical details" - small, of complex geometry and high qualitative requirements.

We produce details using any kind of plastics, in any quantity. Having also an own tool room, we significantly wieszaki, which we sell at our e-Store and covers for GERDA locks.

Moreover, we belong to a forefront of plastic processing plants and tool-rooms in Łódź, producing to a dozen or so of injection moulds and blanking tools for our customers every year.


WM succesfully meets Polish and international customers' requirements

Reputation and position, we have been building for years, make WM respected and trusted partner. The same reliable approach to every client, independently whether it is large enterprise or individual customer, increase the number of our regular clients.

We lead action on markets all over the world as well. WM's products can be found among others in United States, Germany and East. Due to our activity, year after year we boost firm's sales, capabilities and products' assortment.

We guarantee: short terms and professional approach, moderate prices, full service - from the project phase, production's launch to its end.

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Plastics Processing, Tooling - PPUH WM 2007